My journey to financial freedom – health insurance to pensions

Welcome everyone. My name is chap but my friends call me barrels.

This blog is a story about my journey to financial freedom.

I’ll be covering everything from savings and pension to health insurance and stocks.

Lets first talk a little about me.

November was another great month for investors when the stock exchange reached a new record.

However, this is not good news for those who are at the purchase stage, because we have to pay more money to buy the same number of shares.

My portfolios reached a new record almost every day in November and I was happy with the paper increase in the value of my assets, but I had difficulty putting new capital on the market.

I have some money left from selling my BEI.UN. In addition, I have accumulated certain cash positions on my investment accounts.

Purchases without an ETF commission
Wondering how I can fulfill small ETS orders? Do you think about commission fees?

I actually use Questrade for all my ETF purchases. There are no commission fees for ETF purchases at Questrade. Therefore, we could buy one or any number of ETFs without paying any commission.

This is a great way to use cash and invest to increase cash flow as soon as it occurs.

For those who want to start investing for little money, Questrade is one of the good options to consider because of their free ETF program and minimum requirements to open an account.

If you have a plan to open an account at Questrade, accept my gift and take advantage of the $ 50 rebate.

A $ 4.95 transaction fee is charged for ETF sales. All details are at the time of writing. If you have a plan to open an account at Questrade, check all information (including current commission fees) on their website and check that it is the right online mediation for your needs.

Disclosure: This post contains an affiliate link. Therefore, I will receive a commission if you use links to buy products or services (at no additional cost).

If you haven’t done it yet …

We all know the feeling – the panic that gets in your stomach when you see the bill for an unexpected car repair. How do we pay for it? But what if repairing a car is an inconvenience? Instead of worrying, you pay twice without thinking. A week later you forgot that it even happened! This has little impact on your financial situation. It’s not an emergency. It’s hardly hiccups!

Do you feel the feeling of relief? That is financial freedom.

Paying for a stress-free car repair is just a small part of the picture. It is more than just an opportunity to afford emergencies. It is well known that you do not have to worry about retirement because you have worked with a financial advisor to invest consistently for decades. It’s the freedom to shut down your J-O-B to do something you love, even if it means you’ll be less paid.

Financial freedom means that you decide to live without being too stressed on the financial impact because you are ready. You control your finances instead of controlling them.

The road to financial independence is not a quick and rich strategy. And financial freedom does not mean that you are “exempted” from being responsible for the proper treatment of your money. On the contrary. Taking complete control of your finances is the result of hard work, sacrifice and time. And all this effort is worth it!